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Loyalty and professional service are the basic principles guiding Balkan Consult Commerce Co's management team for almost two decades. Established in 1991, the company specializes in:
  • Rubber conveyor belts, V-belts, Adhesives and Rubber Patches for cold vulcanizing
  • Trading raw materials for the chemical industry
  • Supplying mineral additives for the fodder production
  • Components and technologies for the mine industry and energetics
  • Composite materials
  • Wholesale disrtibution of construction materials
  • Road-construction materials

We are engaged in professional deliveries of wide range of ruuber coneyor belts, V-belts, as well as splice ashesives (cold vulcanazing solutions) and rubber patches for belts splicing. We have organized an international group of specialists and offer expertise, consultations and training in the process of introducing new technologies for cold vulcanizing in the mining industry.


Trading raw materials and products for the chemical industry is one of the main activities of the company. Within this fast developing sector of our company we actively trade with:

  • Cellulose ethers,
  • Vinyl-acetate polymers,
  • Iron Oxide pigments and organic pigments,
  • Granulate for the production of EPS,
  • Citric acid, Pentaerythritol,
  • Phthalic anhydride, Titanium Dioxide, Mineral Solvents, Vegetable Oils

We have successfully started a new project for wholesale supplies of high-quality and pure additives for the fodder production to the Bulgarian and European markets as our newest business activity.

We put asecial focus on the following developed specialized centers listed below:

  • center for composite materials:
    • Unsaturated polyester resins and gel coats
    • Fiberglass materials
    • Pigment pastes for gel coat
    • Polyester profiles reinforced with glass roving
    • mold releasers, accelerators and hardeners
    • Instruments used in working with composite materials

  • spezialed center for road - construction and marking materials such as
    • Traffic paints and solvents
    • Luminescent glass beads for road marking paints
    • Highway fencing wire and fortifying metal construction
    • Hydroinsulation materials and geotextile
    • Natural bitumen

  • spezialed center for fencing and security applications
    • Welded wire, welded panels, barbed wire type “Razor”
    • Animal (Stock) fence
    • Sports field fence and equipments

  • spezialed center for anti-icing products
    • Calcium chloride
    • Magnesium chloride
    • Snow thawing agent

Through highly developed distribution network we supply building, infrastructure and industrial companies, as well as stores. Balkan Consult Commerce Co has at its disposal its own fully automated warehouses of about 7000 square meters covered area, as well depot with two private railways and unloading facilities. Our management team is dedicated to meeting the needs of our clients. In addition to supplying materials, we offer technical advice and feasibility studies from Bulgarian and foreign leading producers.

The company has also mobile groups for the installation of special fencing and security equipment.


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